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Shenzhen KaiLiTe Photoelectric Lighting Co., Ltd. is a committed identity / signs with LED lighting product development, production and sale of high-tech service company, focused on identity ...

LED SMD modules

      Chip Module solid name implies, is the patch classes, table lamp beads attached to the PCB solder on the wire is composed of the components. 5050,2835,5730 and other models. Patch module is an LED module. Emitting angle relative to other...

LED S Shape Strip Light

      This product has low power consumption (per meter to 10W), low-calorie, long life, impact resistance,

Signs LOGO

      Each module consists of three SMD5050 SMD lights Single set of high brightness, suitable for large LOGO logo Good thermal conductivity, chip and long service life Series over 30 group. Both ends of the openings, you can use screws,We are professional ...

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HD-F5050B60T LED Strip Light
T5 Tube
5050LED Chip Module HD-F1248SMD
5050LED Chip Module HD-F3535
5050LED Chip Module HD-F1220SMD
HD-F3528 LED Strip Light
5050LED Chip Module HD-F1275SMD
5050LED Chip Module HD-F1245SMD